EMPIRE project has two image forms.  One is the single image related in sequence.  The other are large scale panoramas made in the same manner that the project Appellation was created.  These large scale works are typically 20” high and are over six to twelve feet in length.  The photos are made of a large collection of smaller frames that are bonded together using software.  The resolution and detail of each individual panorama

has a look not unlike the contact print from a large format negative.  The image links are in wide format to take advantage of the unusual length.

Panoramas have been a favorite methodology of theatrical presentations and connect to the wide format Cinerama vistas that typified 1960’s experimentation in all enveloping environments, particularly in the genre of the western movie tradition.  In a sense, one can sense the overwhelming data of a living society; houses, freeways, industry and weather come together in a chaotic whole.

Agua Mansa

07.31.12  20”x124”

Agua Mansa 2

07.31.12  20”x111”

Grand Terrace

07.20.12  20”x94”

Jurupa Hills

07.30.12  20”x150”

Arlington Heights, Riverside 01.13.13  20”x82”

Bombay Beach, Salton Sea


Cabazon 4

06.10.13  20”x104”

Cabazon 5

06.10.13  20”x80”

Desert Shores 1

01.15.14 20”x120”

Salton Sea Beach 1

01.15.14  20”x160”