The act of memory is drawing from point to point the vectors of origins and ends.  As this relates to the notion of space, then one sees that repetition compounds from these points or finds a new and singular alpha or omega.  Walking, driving, flying.  The ongoing proc
ess of TRACE seeks to picture the origin-al and the habit-ual act one creates in life.  One marks these processes using arbitrary systems that create different marks or lines.  As distance from the marking of this trace is related to in time, then each image is realigned with the present, making new variations on the original memory.

For instance, “Passion Trace,” marks the points of origin and ends of relationships in the artist’s life.  The “Drive” series marks significant ritualistic automobile drives the artist has performed over the years.  Trace is an ongoing series of re-collection.

All images are created in image processing software and output to paper or photographic material. 



Lewis deSoto