“Researching one's archives reveal twists and turns, developments that come to conclusion but not to the light of day.

It was this "light of day" I pursued for a number of months in the early 1980's recording my own, my parents and friends homes with a Mamiya camera. 

These photographs were meditations on the quotidian and the peace of everyday in the hot summer months in Southern California where time stands still while one avoids the sun.  They are about time and the feeling of the lack of it, where a dust mote holds its place in the air, implacably still.

Sequestered in a white envelope at the bottom of an archive these negatives persisted as an index, a group of observations held in amber until 2006.”  From the introduction by Lewis deSoto

A limited edition book has been published with an essay by Los Angeles writer Jordan Biren. 

For information about acquiring this volume, contact the artist.


Quotidian  1980/2006

Lewis deSoto