After the 1978 exhibition BASHO, an exhibition of reductive black and white prints, I embarked on using color film and printing color photographs in my studio darkroom for the first time.  Using Kodacolor 400 and a wide-angle lens, I used the photographs of Stephen Shore and the color pioneer William Eggleston as approaches to understand the medium. 
Neither Shore or Eggleston photographed California as a primary subject.  Even as a native Californian, I understood that there was a plastic quality about the sub-urban environs of the “Inland Empire,” marked by an area from east Los Angeles County through to east Riverside county, a changed-ness that guaranteed that this environment of cars, buildings and their attendant human touch  would mutate and become unrecognizable in only a few years.  This primary assumption has come true.  Not one place I have photographed within this series retains its original form or color.  A book of these photographs are available from the artist.

EMPIRE  1979

Lewis deSoto