Botanica, a series of over one hundred photographs was an exploration of the notion of analogic representation.  Photo sensitivity of subject and medium, the relationship of time signatures (scales of lightness and dark as well as the exploration of interval as a relative measurement according life-function rhythms)
and its function in photography allowed an exploration where subject and technique merged.  The liminal experience of merging the two was particularly engaging as a process.  Notions of scale were also examined, where the photographic print was decidedly larger than the original subject; this allowed a reciprocal experience of diminishing the scale of the viewer.  The camera orientation was also moved from perpendicular to the earth (a reference to the figure) to a polar one, orienting always toward the light.  Botanica, of course also meant medicinal or spiritually powerful flora and the experience of meditating on and with the subject was an ecstatic one.

Botanica 1981-1985

Lewis deSoto