From 1983 to 1988 numerous large scale black and white works were created that had relationships with larger series such as “Tahualtapa Project” and the “Site Works,” but did not have direct relationships with these series except as conceptual extensions of many of the ideas.  For instance, “Das Waldsterben 2,” (above) was created after the color work of the same name, yet contained oth
er references and inferences that was about dying forests: the steel sheeting wrapped around the tree, the materiality of the frame and the magnets built into the photographic support which allowed metal shavings to cling to the surface of the photo itself had numerous connections to other concerns. 

Other works became the basis for larger projects, such as TEMPLE presaging the text work created for public art.  TEMPLE was one of several etched stone plaques placed surreptitiously in Discovery Park in Seattle.

Circles of Perpetual Apparition became the model for creating viewer-based installation works, and TIME and SILVER MAPLE became the basis for the book and photographs KINGDOMS


Large Scale Black and White Projects 1983-1988

Lewis deSoto