Appellation  2007-2014

Lewis deSoto
Appellation examines the landscape structures of viticulture in US wine growing regions.  Discarding the single frame as a compositional strategy, these photographs are made from fifty to two hundred photographs merged together in a digital processing program.  Their length is variable to enclose the elements that engage each particular site.  Photographs range from 16” high to over 8’ i
n length at the longest.  Since each element within each frame composes thousands of pixels of information, the final combined work engages billions of bits of data that has uncanny detail and verisimilitude.  Instead of engaging a monocular view, the photographs engage all the glances that create in one’s mind a totality. They are a vivid document of landscapes in transition.  The series is on going with over 100 works available.  Because of the restrictions of examination on a computer screen, the artist encourages the opportunity to share detailed files or prints with those interested.