Writing (Love Letters), 1996


Laser, motors, wood base 1996

WRITING (Love Letters) is a sculpture that uses laser-light to draw on the opposite wall. The sculpture consists of a wood base upon which is a mechanism that contains a controller, various motors and a ruby-red laser.  The mechanism is programmed to draw a “page,” a rectangle on the wall.  It then proceeds to “write” in lines, left to right from top to bottom. 
The writing is a series of random movements generated by the mechanism “listening” to the sound track from “Romeo and Juliet” within the mechanism.  The sound of voices from the soundtrack tells the motors which way to move the laser and thus write.  When the letter is completely written, a new page is drawn and a new letter is written.

The effect on the viewer is of trying to decipher the cursive characters seemingly scribed by the laser.  Many  people pronounce that they can “understand” the writing; however this is a projection from the viewer, a need to instill order and cognizance.  LOVE LETTERS is the embodiment of the struggle to be understood by another person and the endless effort that ensues.

There exists another version, DRAWING, that creates drawings using short, angled strokes.