welded steel, light, plastic base size, 29”x13”x12”, size of projection: variable

“Witness” is a sculpture that depicts a standing figure suffused with light.  The piece comprises of a black metal enclosure opened at the wall side.  Inside the enclosure is a point light source and an adjustable shelf.  On this shelf is a styrene plastic figure of a female body. 
It is the“skin” from an anatomical model with all of the internal organs and skeleton removed. As the light passes through the styrene plastic it differentiates the light paths, thus creating a sparkling diffused image of a person standing, roughly life size in a light “opening” in the wall. The work seeks to create a presence of body without its attendant mass.  It appears mystical in the Christian sense of a body suffused with light, a heavenly spirit.  However, when one

decodes the structure of the piece, one discovers that the image is dependent on the play off of the banal components.  Is the “spirit” is released from its bonds of the banal with energy and mass or simply a spectacle, a trick of the light?


Witness, 2000