Traveller, 1997

Traveller consists of a wooden baby crib and a radio controlled electric truck.  A radio transmitter programmed by a small computer controls the action of the truck. 
When someone walks into the room, the truck “awakens”.  The truck hurls itself at the wooden inside face of the baby crib and smacks against this surface with a large cracking sound.  It then backs up and repeats the same activity.  The force of impact and the number of attempts varies at random; sometimes as many as ten rushes, as little as three.  The crib moves on its steel bearing wheels around the space, an inch at a time.  The truck then “sleeps” for a fixed number of minutes.  It will remain sleeping unless someone enters the room and the cycle starts over again. Traveller provokes a visceral response, a feeling of fury and energy coming from this surrogate baby that is sovereign and yet contained.