Recumbent  (Three Works)


Recumbent (Entropy), steel, electronics 9” x 84” x 16”, 1999

“Recumbent (Entropy)” is a sculpture based on the experience of the artist’s after his father’s death. The piece comprises of two parts.  A metal replica of a Spanish medieval suit of armor lays splayed out on the floor.  Inside of the torso of the suit of armor is an electronic box with wires that connect to small piezo- electric speakers attached to various parts of the armor.  The electronic box  is programmed with a “score” which plays a series of loud clicks.  At the beginning of the composition, these clicks play rapidly, moving from section to section of the armor.  As the piece plays on for the next two minutes, the clicks occur more slowly until they slow to silence.  The piece is silent for another two minutes, until the cycle begins again. 

This sound represents the contraction of metal from hot to cold.  The sculpture is a revery about the passage of a protector and the emptiness that resounds inside the empty shell of what is left behind.


Recumbent, Cast Aluminum, wood and consecrated water, 40” x 72” x 34”, 1999

Based on the artist’s experience of the death of his father; the somatic memory of touching his dead body. RECUMBENT is a “bust” made of cast aluminum integrated with a machined aluminum tank inlet from a motorcycle.  Within the cavity of the bust is consecrated water.  The aluminum bust sits on a long “coffee table,” finished in black ink and rubbed pearlescent powder which resembles the furniture his father made as a hobby.

Recumbent (grass), silk, wooden blocks 24” x 48” x 84”,1999

“Recumbent (Under Grass)” is a sculpture based on the remembrance of the artist’s father. The piece consists of two elements.  A silk covering digitally printed with the image of the lawn that the his father so laboriously cared for.  The image is printed in four panels.  Each panel has the identical image reversed and turned so that the image becomes a four-part mandala.  Under the silk coverlet is the form of a figure, based on his father’s dimensions.  The image is made of small blocks of wood gleaned from the father’s workshop. The pieces are glued together to create a mass-like shape resembling a body laid on its side. The artist takes materials that his father used in life and creates an image of his father in death.