Falling, 1996

“Falling” is an ensemble of objects, a set of relationships that feed off varying notions of falling; a kind of physical inventory and mental tracing.  If the over-riding concept could be a fall from grace, then one could begin to develop a sensibility about grace, reflections of beauty, favor and divine influence.  “Falling” then may be a setting for disaster, the loss of childhood consciousness, the abyss of love, and the picture of death and time as ruin and liberation. The gallery is primarily a square shape, with a centrally located entrance.   Against the facing back wall, a door to the far left and to the far right.  In the entrance area, hanging from the ceiling is a chandelier, “Temblor 2” (The opening of this exhibit preceded the January Northridge earthquake by 48 hours).  This lighting fixture is swaying back and forth via a spring-loaded cable and reciprocating motor.  One walks into the space. At its center, on the floor are approximately 100 brown crystalline wax airplanes, “Falling (Cloudmaster)”.
Above, the sky-light is colored a primary blue. Straight ahead, mounted high upon the back wall is danish-styled high fidelity stereo system, “Zenith (Gravity’s Voice)”,  playing music at a sluggish half speed.  At the left of the doorway is a wooden platform holding a large stainless steel bowl, “You the double. . .”,  filled with water.  A  small hammer strikes the edge, causing the water to ripple. A video projector glances an image of text off the water surface, onto the adjoining wall.  To the right of the accumulated airplanes is a small, tall table with a slide projector on top, “An erring domain. . .”.  The projector contains an image of the stars, which is projected by a 1/1000 of second blast from a strobe lamp over a loose, cursive text. Further to the right rear exit is a metal table on which stands a replica landscape in scented ice, “Glacial (L)Attitudes/Ice Floe and Jungle Pool (for CDF)”.  The ice slowly melts, allowing the water drip into a metal pool below and the fragrance released.