Terminals A & G

San Francisco’s Sister Cities

Fourteen light projections

Installed 2007

“Shining Paths” extends the work “On The Air,” 2000 at SFIA by combining pilot’s maps and medieval botanical illustrations to depict San Francisco Sister Cities.  Each map is keyed to that city’s airport and each flower is related to a declared city flower or famous local specimen.  The imagery combines the scientific certitude of the maps with the romantic illustration of the flower.  A Derksen projector mounted on the ceiling passes a light through a glass etched “gobo” on an area of the terrazzo floor in each terminal. 

Medallions: San Francisco (1 in each terminal), Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Assisi Italy, Cork, Ireland, Haifa, Israel,

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Manila, Philippines, Osaka, Japan, Paris, France, Seoul, Korea, Shanghai, China,

Sydney, Australia, Taipei, Taiwan, Thessaloniki, Greece, Zurich, Switzerland


Shining Paths  2007

San Francisco International Airport

Public Art