Tired of Eternity

Performance/Installation for the Joshua Treenial at Boxo Projects, Joshua Tree, CA 2019


Lewis deSoto, “Tired of Eternity, A Conversation with Coyote,” Performances at BOXO Projects, Joshua Tree, California, part of the Joshua Treenial. April 12, 13, 14, 2019.

Lewis deSoto becomes the mythical Coyote of North America. Coyote is derived from Coyotl, the Nahuatl language of the indigenous people of Central America. In Southern California Cahuilla stories, Coyote is an immortal being at the beginning of time.

The book, “Tired of Eternity,” is an autobiography of the life of Coyote. Written largely in third person and in many different styles, including chapters consisting entirely of physics equations, the book takes on large questions about the origin of humanity and its place in the larger galactic community of worlds filled with intelligent life.

Coyote meets with co-host Gerald Clarke (Cahuilla) on April 12th where he outlines his role as a first officer in a galactic space faring ship from the inner Milky Way galaxy. This ship is loaded with the “seeds,” DNA, of humans and other creatures. Coyote stays on to observe the evolution of humanity. He poses the idea that no matter the myth or religion, science reproduces itself exactly from world to world. He reads an excerpt that speaks to the long journey from the galactic core in a quantum drive ship of gigantic proportions.

On April 13th he meets with Sant Khalsa, an artist/photographer where they discuss another story. This one about a dying man’s last memories speaks to Coyote’s ability to merge with the consciousness of others. They speak to the origins of photography and the relativity of knowledge in a society, the diverge of peoples as it relates to cortisol levels, which lead to fear, depression and paranoia. He suggests that the humans of earth may never reach the ability to leave the planet and return to their origins in the core of the Milky Way.

On April 14th he meets with Stephen Whisler, a sculptor and they discuss his story about Coyote and Raven befriending a little boy. They discuss the origins of colonialism and the difference between society and culture.


Episode 1 Travels of Isil

Episode 2 Coyote and the dying man

Episode 3 Coyote and Raven