Exhibition Installation at Sonoma County Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, California 2007-2008

The artist was invited by organizing curator Patricia Watts to design the installation of an exhibition of artifacts from Sonoma County Collectors.  A number of curators collected images and descriptions of objects.  The artist culled through these objects and created an exhibition that linked disparate collections together.  The space is divided into five sections: machina, fauna, flora, terra and homo sapiens.  The center of the space contained a “house” which served as the central focus room.  A truss style roof echoed the model of simple home.  The floor was carpeted in a black carpet and the walls repainted a bright neutral white.  There were no wall labels as such, leaving the viewer to find the congruences between objects on their own.  If they wished, they could read a series of five large cards that had essays written by the museum with identifying
photographs (also designed by the artist).

DOWNLOAD:  Guide Card PDFs.zip

This statement was affixed to the main wall:

How do we understand the world?  Some of us find talismans of meaning in objectsThese may be made by us or fashioned by the worldWe collect them together to find the reinforcement of this visionIt gives us comfort or at least the surety of truth, the energy of the creative element in our livesThis installation is a collection of collectionsIt is about finding the order and connection between objects of epic obsession, allowing them to speak to one another in a special relational environment.

Lewis deSoto